Cy Young’s final vote in every league 2022

Below are the final results of the 2022 Cy Young Award voting process conducted by members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Tickets for each award were issued by two writers in each city prior to the start of the postseason. The scoring system provides seven points for first place, four for second place, … Read more

PRI criticizes lack of medicines at IMSS and ISSSTE in Acuña

ACUÑA, COAH.- The Municipal Committee of the Institutional Revolutionary Party blamed President Andrés Manuel López Obrador for the shortage of medicines in Social Security and ISSSTE. The President of the PRI in Acuña, Juan Carlos Mendoza Lerma, said he was concerned about the lack of sensitivity of the federal government, the Morena government, it has … Read more

Andrés Guardado keeps all the good things that comes with being picked as a Mexican player as he celebrates his record

Andrés Guardado became the player who has worn the national team shirt most often with 178 games GIRONA– Andre Guardado understands the question of why the defeat Mexico against Sweden, but after matching his record of 178 games as the team’s most-capped national team player, he thinks tonight leaves him with great satisfaction. “I understand … Read more

‘The price of silence is unacceptable’: letters Russian activist Vladimir Kara-Murza sent to the BBC from prison

Sarah Regenford Correspondent in Eastern Europe 5 hours image source, Getty Images caption, Vladimir Kara-Murza is an outspoken critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin. When Vladimir Kara-Murza announced his return to Moscow earlier this year, his wife Evgenia knew about the risk but didn’t try to stop it. Russia had invaded Ukraine. Thousands of protesters … Read more