Amazon began laying off thousands of employees

An Amazon executive at the company in Seattle, Washington, confirmed in a public message to local media that employees are receiving a message informing them that the downsizing has begun. Thousands of workers received notices of termination this afternoon, but despite this, the company has not yet announced the exact number of workers who will … Read more

Hot dogs are getting cheaper

Ey started an interesting study in which he found out in which categories the change in consumption habits due to inflation was triggered. The measure taken by Walmart at Sam’s is a promotion aimed at guaranteeing visits to physical stores. Sam’s Club competes with Costco in the Price Club segment. Walmart made a decision in … Read more

Price of dollar today wed, peso starts gaining

Today, Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the dollars trades at 19.2964 pesos per unit with a real-time downtrend. According to the last report of Banxicothe dollar closed yesterday Tuesday at 19.3478 pesos per unit. According to economist Gabriela Siller, the peso starts the session appreciating 0.12%, or 2.4 cents, trading at 19.35 pesos per dollar, with … Read more

Mexican style Paleteria opens in Dubai

In which “GCC Hotels” The volume of consumer spending in Qatar has been measured. Transfermarkt estimates the value of the teams and ranks England as the most expensive in the world. The idea of ​​seeing La Michoacana Plus in Dubai has motivated other brands like Louis Vuitton to take over World Cup deals. A popsicle … Read more

Features, photos and information of its new generation

Today it’s quite normal to talk about hybrid cars, but in 1997 it was a technology that required explanation and caused a lot of skepticism. Prius defended the concept tooth and nail until it became the most iconic hybrid. Now, in times when electric vehicles are setting the pace, the Toyota Prius 2024 presents us a fifth generation true to its principle of democratizing low-emission mobility. And this time with a design that doesn’t divide opinions.

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