Ángela Aguilar wears the most stylish latex outfits in the fashion world and conquers networks

Angela Aguilar At 18, she is one of music’s most important figures because, despite being part of one of Mexico’s most famous singing dynasties, her talent speaks for itself. daughter of Pepe Aguilar and granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar, the artist has an incomparable talent, in addition, like her family, she is a fan of ranchera … Read more

Corona Capital 2022: My Chemical Romance teased ‘Twilight’ and Robert Pattinson – Movie News

“Twilight” returned to theaters, but not everyone is a fan of Robert Pattinson’s film, as the Corona Capital 2022 headlining band said it was no joke that they had their music used for the famous vampire saga. The Corona Capital Festival stood out with its twelfth edition poster; not only lasts three days, but they … Read more

Manelyk González falls while dancing

Manelyk Gonzalez suffered an apparent fall. Photo: Getty Images Manelyk González, who rose to fame after starring in “Acapulco Shore,” suffered one spectacular fall during rehearsal of her dance routine for the competition she is entering, for which she had to be admitted hospital urgently. Such was the case of Manelyk Gonzalez in the dance … Read more

She shone together with Thalía, destroyed the man who loved her the most and suddenly died

Karla Álvarez will be remembered for her successful acting careerwho has participated in several projects for Mexican television, her roles in soap operas such as “María Mercedes”, “Mi querida Isabel” and “Agujetas de color de rosa” made the actress one of the most popular characters of Mexican show business. That was during the production of … Read more

The chilling meaning of the name “El Chavo” that Chespirito hid

The chilling meaning behind “El Chavo del 8” Nov 16, 2022 3:14 p.m Chespirito was one of the best screenwriters that Mexican television had, he was responsible for the creation of several successful programs such as “El Chapulín Colorado”, “El Chavo del 8”, in addition to writing for several important comedians on Mexican television, but … Read more

This is what Tenoch Huerta’s Namor would look like in the world of The Simpsons – CINEMABLEND

“The Simpsons” is adept at showcasing epic crossovers from Guillermo del Toro to Metallica, but can you picture Tenoch Huerta’s yellow-skinned Namor? Here we show you what it would look like! Tenoch Huerta has become the actor of the hour after introducing Namor to the Marvel Cinematic Universe through Black Panther: Wakanda Forever; a character … Read more