The best exercises against sagging, because not everything is losing weight

“Exercise influences, but it hardly matters,” is how bluntly (and realistically) personal trainer Juan Ruiz López is when asked about exercise routines Fight against sagging. Because we can try to mitigate this Muscle and skin problems – linked to aging, sedentary lifestyles and sudden weight loss – with physical activity, but other lifestyle changes are necessary for the results to be visible and effective.

“Let’s say that when you gain weight, your skin naturally sags and stays that way for a long time, when we lose weight, it stays in the aspect it seems to be stuck in.” explains the graduate of movement and sports science. So, It is an aesthetic problem that only cosmetic surgery can fix (Dermolipectomy is a procedure aimed at correcting excess skin and fat on all parts of the body), firming creams (although the OCU itself has already warned of their poor results) or with a high-frequency physiotherapy treatment called tecartherapy or diathermy. “This treatment accelerates the regeneration of collagen and another series of molecules, so that the tissue becomes elastic again,” confirms the physiotherapist.

Because of this, the best advice we can get when it comes to losing weight and avoiding sagging is to keep going Do a gradual and progressive weight loss so that our health is not compromised and the results are optimal on a physical/aesthetic level. “To achieve gradual weight loss, standard dietary recommendations apply eat between 300 and 500 fewer calories than we use on a daily basis,” says the director of the JRL Personal Training Center, who recommends starting with 300 fewer calories and gradually increasing the calorie deficit as we begin to stagnate or it becomes more difficult to shed pounds. “We need to be adequately supplied with the three macronutrients proteins, carbohydrates and fats.”

In summary, it is practical to avoid “miracle diets” that make us lose weight too quickly and have the resulting consequences unsightly sagging of the skin that becomes slack. Specialists usually recommend drinking plenty of water (an essential element for body tissues) and eating foods rich in collagen, vitamin C, sulfur, omega 3, selenium and zinc, such as fruits, vegetables, oily fish, nuts and seeds; Also Avoid excess sugar as it accelerates the breakdown of collagen. Saccharification or colloquially the sugar that accumulates in the cells one of the main causes of skin aging, along with exposure to the sun’s UVA and UVB rays.

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Exercises against slackness

So the trick is to prevent the dreaded and unsightly flabbiness by exercising. But which one? “Regarding the exercise, The best thing you can do is weight training to increase our muscle mass. and therefore try to “fill” the remaining space by removing the fat to try to minimize the decrease in volume. This strength training, depending on our characteristics, we can combine it with high-intensity exercise and/or aerobic exercise,” concludes Juan Ruiz López, but without showing specific exercises for each part of the body.

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