The Costa Rica-Iraq fire is called off

The tricolor had to change tomorrow at 8:00 to Basra to play against the Arabs

The national team of Costa Rica experienced moments of uncertainty in the tour ahead of the Middle East trip Qatar who deny World Championshipaccording to reports from Kuwaitthe tricolor had great trouble crossing the border between them Iraq and the country of Kuwait.

Hence the friendly interlude Costa Rica e Iraq which was scheduled for tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. has been cancelled, confirmed Gina Escobar, press secretary for the cover foot.

“There’s no party we’re going back to Kuwaitwe have already managed to leave the 100 or 200 meters that we had entered Iraqbut let’s go back to Kuwaitwe wait for the props that drove by in a truck that left because it was a truck Iraqeverything goes there,” said Gina Escobar sports colombia.

“If that had happened yesterday we wouldn’t have come, it was a non-negotiable agreement, we came with the stipulation that we don’t stamp our passports, it was a non-negotiable agreement and they insisted and there’s no turning back, they cannot stamp our passports because with a stamp from Iraq we would have many problems,” he added.

The national team of Costa Rica You return to your concentration hotel Kuwaitbecause they insisted on stamping passports at the land border.

According to La Sele’s itinerary, they should arrive on November 18th Qatar settle in the headquarters World Championship which will begin for the tricolor next Wednesday against Spain.

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