Verlander revealed how negotiations with the Astros will return to play with Altuve and co


After winning the 2022 American League Cy Young Award, Justin Verlander broke his silence and spoke about negotiations with the Houston Astros in MLB. Aren’t you going to play with José Altuve again?

Jose Altuve and Justin Verlander
© Duane Burleson/Getty ImagesJose Altuve and Justin Verlander

On the one hand it was positive, on the other hand… Justin Verlander rounded off a season MLB which bordered on perfection. after the win the 2022 World Series with the Houston Astros, Major League Baseball’s star pitcher earned his third Cy Young Award in 17 seasons. Don’t you wanna play again Joseph Altuve?

The continuity novel, now called Verlander’s Return to the Astros, began with a decision not to exercise a $25 million player option to remain teammates with Altuve, Jeremy Peña and co. in the 2023 MLB season. Justin became a free agent in the major leagues.

And now he’ll surely ask for more money because he won the American League Cy Young Award 2022 unanimously. According to’s Brian McTaggart, Justin Verlander would be looking for a three-year, $130 million deal. Will the Houston Astros give it to him? Jim Crane, the team’s owner, has already hinted at this.

foreigners He proved at the age of 39 that he was capable of overcoming Tommy John’s surgery and winning the 2022 Cy Young Award with a record never seen before in 66 years. Such was the pitcher’s dominance that he became champion with the Astros in the field the world series who posted the third-lowest ERA in the American League since 1969 with a minimum of 175 innings by posting an earned run percentage of 1.75.

Justin Verlander revealed how negotiations with the Houston Astros are going in the MLB

While Houston Astros owner Jim Crane explained Hopefully we can keep it next year. My first call tomorrow will be for him to see what he wants to do.” after the win the 2022 World Series; Justin Verlander broke the silence and revealed how negotiations will return to one partner Joseph Altuve and companies in the 2023 MLB season.

“No, I haven’t spoken to Jim (Crane) since we last spoke. He wrote me that he wants to participate in the future. I don’t know what the future holds (…) This journey with the Astros has been nothing short of incredible,” Justin Verlander revealed on the MLB show, where he learned he won the 2022 American League’s Cy Young Award.

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